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Jesse Sung

Managing Partner

Jesse has lead the integral strategies in broadening client portfolios from traditional security holdings into over-performing real estate and alternative investments. 

By identifying and sourcing deals directly from banks' special asset divisions, Jesse assisted in negotiating the forbearances of debt, brokering and restructuring of capital stacks which lead to the successful acquisitions, foreclosure processings and joint ventures on dozens of distressed assets and non-performing loans in considerations north of $300MM.

Many of the assets taken down included several collateralized by key commercial buildings 1510 Webster Street, 165 O’farrell Street, 1255 Columbus Ave. all located in prestigious markets such as downtown Oakland, Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square San Francisco and Summerlin Las Vegas.

Over the past ten years Jesse has personally invested in a wide spectrum of deals ranging from residential, commercial real estate, independent film projects and technology startups.   

An early investor in Ethereum (Pre DAO), Cardano (at TGE) and Sutter Studios Inc/Hackbright Academy, the engineering school for women which was acquired on April 22 2016 by publicly traded company Capella Education NASDAQ (CPLA). Linkedin


Kalin Kelly


As one of the youngest angel investors in San Francisco having written her first $100,000 early-stage seed check at age 25, Kalin Kelly has advised all levels of entrepreneurs from serial CEO’s of multi-million dollar companies to promising individuals with a brilliant idea.

Her start in investments began with a background and expertise in recognizing the good ideas and companies that would scale physically in commercial real estate. This eye set her apart as an exclusive partner to prominent VC firms as the “Founder's Broker” in Silicon Valley where she protected the bottom line figures of a portfolio clientele in office leasing with a combined net worth of $400M+ and closed $100M worth of commercial property contracts.

Kalin has been featured in TechCrunch, Hoodline, featured live on KRON4 and is self-published Author of “The Founder’s Guide to Hacking Office Space” available on Amazon. Kalin has traveled internationally at the invitation of global forums to speak on the topic of evolving inclusive entrepreneurship “outside of the box" in the digital age.

Kalin is the Founder of Art + Armor, a jewelry line to promote safety against sexual assault for women, established as a Benefit Corporation with 11% net proceeds invested into a female-led venture fund. Kalin is imaging and building a safer environment for her nieces to thrive in. Linkedin


Allan Leung

Business Analyst