Zilliqa + XFERS Partnership

Zilliqa is a blockchain protocol project which drew our attention in the early token offering stages. Since then the team has been one of the few in the cryptographic token space which have consistently been able to meet and deliver milestones set out according to their public roadmap, introducing the first global blockchain protocol capable of highly scalable, sharding technologies with minimal “gas” fee requirements.

Most recently the project was used in testbed advertisement environments lead by Mindshare in collaboration with PepsiCola Corp. The results were “positive and optimistic” for the conglomerate and its take on implementing blockchain technologies into its ecosystem in the near future.

Last week, the Zilliqa team publicly announced its formal partnership to design build a system based off its technology for XFERS, the fintech startup which has VC backings from the likes of 500 Startups, Y Combinator and Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin. XFERS helms many exclusive service agreements with companies such as Binance SG, Stripe and formerly Coinbase SG. This is very optimistic news and serves as a grip opportunity for Zilliqa to prove its capabilities in a first world, real world consumer facing setting.

Here is a recent thread from Zilliqa’s Chief Scientific Officer, Amrit Kumar describing the partnership.