Downtown Miami and Lemon City Pipeline ( projects underway)

Although soaked with all the chitter chatter of the future wrath of mother nature, Miami’s commercial developments seem to be stubbornly unweathered. With over 200 major commercial developments underway just in the Greater Downtown Miami area, this is one of the major coastal metropolitans with continuous magnate dollar draw and a forever-changing skyline. Economic spillover continues to happen from East to West and North West of the Biscayne, most of which is helmed by the unanimous speculation on higher ground ground up and redevelopment buy-hold plays due to the unabated sea level rise along the beaches and bay. We are most focused on the North Western activities and for good reason, already the past two years there has been buzzing buyer activity within Lemon City aka Little Haiti just west of Bay Shore area of Biscayne. Now with the recent approval of the major (and controversial) commercial project known as Magic City (video below) this anchor is sure to ramp up the orchestration of fellow developer exertions.

We’ll be providing a series of blog posts on spec neighborhood profiles in which we are continuing to survey for all rezoning and development opportunities in the form of existing multi-family, retail, office and industrial flex space. For the current downtown pipeline check out the Esri interaction Map for more details.
and the Crane Watch Interactive Map.