357 General Investment Credo

Economics, Good Data And a Slice of Science Fiction (Futurism)

On Real Estate

Four walls and a roof are fundamentally simple but forever necessary. Real estate has always been the largest real world canvas one can imagine of, build out and or build upon. Neighborhoods can serve as the studio, the series and the galleries. The cities themselves act as the museums of time and space. Developers and investors are therefore the visionary artists, frequently looking for the next canvas to work with, the next studio to work in. An impactful effect is the contagiousness in the sense of discovery and premonition. A new vision is entertaining; a community-first new vision can be contagious. The actual revitalization of a single city block happens by means of a positive feedback loop, the reflexivity stems from both economical and sociological purviews. As they say, real estate is not rocket science. At any given moment, we're all surveying for that probable spillover, momentum based on economic and infrastructure data. The key though is timing. Listen to the commotion then lookout for the activity. Real estate is the most important bastion in the physical sense, bounded communally with perpetual possibilities.


On Technology

Evolution and progress are concepts defined and sought after by human beings, typically measured as the increase of baselines such as strength, speed and other ascribed values repackaged into rates of production and efficiency, quality and quantity. These concepts formalize the basis for systems we generalize as science and technology, both of which fuel our never-ending pursuit to rectify the self-defined flaws or problems we see within ourselves and within the world around us. But sometimes a flaw is nothing more than a temporary void. Most people want to invest in what they believe will be a solution to a widely apparent problem or need to fixing a flaw; this makes for crowded and noisy solutions which dilutes the opportunities. Rather, let’s look out for where economics (time, resources) might amass, park if you will, in filling a temporary void. Similar to the world's trendsetting, taste making forays. Attention and resources tend to be moved by boredom, the question is...where do they move to next?